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High-Quality Cold Heading Steel: Your One-Stop Shop

May 7, 2024

If you’re buying cold heading quality steel in North America, there's a good chance you're buying it from Charter Steel. If you’re not, we’d love the opportunity to become your trusted steel partner, because when it comes to transforming steel with precision, there’s no better partner.

What is Cold Heading Quality Steel? 

Cold heading is the process of forming steel into complex shapes such as bolts, screws, and other cold formed components and near-net shapes. The cold heading process is an efficient way of producing large quantities of parts and components used in various industries including automotive, construction, medical, agriculture, aerospace, electronics and appliances, consumer goods like furniture and sporting goods and so much more.
The process of cold heading requires high-quality steel that has been processed to achieve the necessary formability and ductility to produce the desired parts or components.  The chemistry of the steel must also achieve the required mechanical properties needed for the part application through work hardening or heat treat (quenched and tempered) operations.  As the nation’s largest processor of cold heading steel, Charter Steel is uniquely positioned to support you with our processing expertise across annealing, drawing, and clean & coat operations.

Cold Heading Steel: The Charter Difference

We approach steelmaking with highly engineered process controls and precise attention to detail. Meeting and exceeding customer requirements and expectations ensures a customer-first focus and the highest quality steel. These value-added differences are what set us apart from our competition.

The Charter difference is built on decades of experience, expertise, and an unparalleled partnership approach. This unique combination is how we go above and beyond the competition to deliver value you can count on:

  • At Charter Steel, we have melt, roll, and processing capabilities in-house so we can monitor every step in the process and proactively adjust to attain the highest-quality product.
  • Charter Steel is the largest cold heading quality steel supplier in North America.   
  • Our steel is manufactured in the U.S., which offers a shorter supply chain and the ability to be more agile when urgent needs arise.  This allows customers to receive their steel quicker and remove any excess cost from overseas delivery/shipping.
  • Our steel is remarkably clean (quality in, quality out) and produced via EAF (electric arc furnace).
  • Our continued commitment to sustainable steelmaking practices has the additional benefit of contributing to lower residuals, and reducing steel impurities which could lead to part failure. View our 2022 Sustainability Report to learn more.
  • We partner with customers to create unique chemistries that ensure optimal performance for each use application, leveraging a vast range of chemistries that can be targeted for individual applications, as needed.
  • We invest in quality at every turn with our Technical Lab, Trials, and Research & Development supporting trials and development work with you the customer. We make the investment early, so it doesn’t end up costing later. Our systems and carefully selected materials allow us to ensure traceability back to the melt and scrap mix for every part. Having the ability to test and trace back throughout the process is invaluable, ultimately saving customers money down the road.
  • Our customers benefit from unparalleled partnership and customer service from our commercial team of Regional Account Managers (RAMs), Customer Service Account Representatives (CSARs) and Technical Service Engineers (TSEs), who make recommendations based on their extensive knowledge of the industry paired with an in-depth understanding of each customer’s business goals and needs.
  • Many of our TSEs have extensive engineering background in a number of fields, including the Cold Heading / Cold Forming Industry.
As the leading supplier of cold heading quality steels, you can be confident in Charter Steel’s quality, processes and expertise. Our team is ready to partner with you to meet your business needs. If you’re interested in a trial or learning more, reach out to Commercial@CharterSteel.com.