Customer Service

Charter Steel has grown dramatically since we rolled our first coil in 1978, but we have never forgotten the reason for our success:

Providing customers with the exact steel they want,
exactly when and exactly where they want it.

Charter Steel melts, rolls and processes steel, but we're a service company first and foremost – committed to continuous investment in people and technologies to add value to our customers' products and businesses.

Charter Steel was designed to provide the flexibility, service and dependability that the market requires. Charter Steel Cross Functional Teams regularly travel to customer facilities to better understand their business needs to ensure that products and services are tailored to a customer's unique requirements.

The best example of Charter Steel's continual commitment to helping our customers solve business problems is our managed inventory programs. In response to customer requests to reduce their inventories, Charter has developed a core competency in just-in-time (JIT) managed inventory programs. As supply chain partners, we link our manufacturing process with our customers' requirements to reduce their inventory and lower their holding costs.