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Get to Know Our Technical Service Engineers (TSEs)

June 6, 2023

You, our customer, are our top priority at Charter Steel. To maintain our role as your trusted steel partner, our team members serve you and your business with specialized expertise. Each post from this series will highlight a role within the commercial team at Charter Steel.

Service when you need it, advice when you want it and expertise always. Our team of technical service engineers (TSEs) is eager to help you, any time, as a complimentary resource to all our customers.

Charter Steel TSEs: On-Call Expertise
At Charter Steel, we strive to provide the right steel for your operation, but that’s just the start. All our customers, no matter what size orders you place, have a dedicated Technical Service Engineer to support them. Our TSEs offer you their incredible experience—individually and collectively—not only to help you solve any issues, but also to offer advice that makes your production even better. 

Here's a closer look into the benefits your dedicated TSEs provide.
What Do Charter TSEs Do?
TSEs are always available to assist and advise you throughout the lifecycle of your Charter Steel product(s) and your manufacturing process. This expertise includes:

  • Recommending ideal types of steel for your process and manufacturing goal
  • Offering support on any metallurgical questions on products
  • Suggesting any operational or manufacturing improvements possible
  • Root cause analysis support of any failures
Essentially, Charter TSEs are here to help you best understand our product, and how to best leverage your equipment to get maximum value out of our product. If that sounds a bit open-ended, it’s by design: There is no question our TSEs won’t try to help you answer.
How Do You Get in Touch with TSEs?
You can directly contact your dedicated TSE at any time. As a customer, it doesn’t cost you a thing.
Better yet, TSEs take pride in their proactive approach, regularly checking in with customers to offer assistance and get to know you and your business. By keeping in contact and building relationships, TSEs aim to establish their availability and acumen. Their goal is to ensure you have no hesitation in calling them for any manner of discussion, urgent or hypothetical, major or minor.
When you want to connect with your Charter Steel TSE, just make a call and they’ll get back to you right away—if they don’t answer on the first ring, of course.

The Impact of Charter Steel TSEs
With more than 15 Charter Steel TSE’s located throughout the country, if a serious problem arises, your TSE can typically be at your facility within hours.
Charter Steel TSEs’ dedication to service isn’t just about those quick responses, though. They’re your true partners, to the extent that if your issues require long-term testing and trials, our TSEs will ensure you’ll get the results you require—again, at no charge.
They seek in-depth understanding of your product(s), part(s) and manufacturing process, enabling them to jump right into a conversation and speak your business’ language.
As part of their expertise, the average TSE has over 20 years in the industry. They possess thorough understanding of steelmaking, frequently communicate with one another for further knowledge and maintain a direct line to our testing laboratories to provide additional technical support to customers.
Our roster of TSEs is among the largest in the industry, which is particularly helpful to companies who no longer have on-staff metallurgists, yet still need expert answers quickly. From cold heading to high-carbon, industrial-quality steel, our TSE team is a powerful resource to help maximize your business goals.