Ethics and Values

We expect ethical and professional behavior in a safe workplace at all times

Given that Charter is built on the principles of respect and working directly to address issues, we look to you – as employees, customers, vendors, or other valued business partners – to help safeguard Charter’s values in these instances.

Your Confidential Resource We hope you would feel comfortable communicating your concerns directly. We understand the importance of providing you with an anonymous and confidential resource. That’s why we have established an Ethics and Values Hotline and have engaged Ethical Advocate, an independent third party, to host this hotline for us. The Ethical Advocate service is structured so that you may remain anonymous, if you so wish. Please be assured that your confidentiality in these matters is of the utmost importance to us and you will not be retaliated against for voicing any concerns.

You Make the Difference Thank you for helping us to preserve our unique culture and sustain the values and high ethical standards, which are vital to our organization.

Report a concern through the Ethical Advocate website

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