State and Federal Agencies

  • Ohio EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Wisconsin DNR (Department of Natural Resources)
  • Federal EPA generate and ensure compliance to air, water and waste regulations

The Charter Steel Environmental Team works together with these agencies and Charter Steel employees to ensure continuous compliance with all environmental laws.

State and Federal Agencies

Charter Steel Recycles: Big and Small

Charter Steel recycles scrap steel
Charter Steel employees recycle office paper

Charter Steel recycles scrap steel. Thousands of tons of scrap metal are brought on site weekly and melted into billets, which are rolled and processed in order to become new, usable product. But that’s only the beginning of the process. Even before it was law, individual employees have been finding new and innovative ways to recycle.

Environmental Teams

Charter Steel has environmental teams in the the Melt Shops, Rolling Mills, and Processing Plants. Each group meets monthly to address, improve and create awareness of environmental issues unique to their area. The groups consist of between 7-15 people all with various responsibilities: operators, maintenance, shift managers, engineers, and a member of the environmental department.

For example, a common goal is to reduce trash and increase single sort recycling. Teams have accomplished this through creating improved labels, improved location of bins or hoppers, segregation, and education.

Learn more about recycling

The Processing Plant Environmental Team made community outreach a main objective. The members have given plant tours, focused on environmental issues in manufacturing for nearly 130 area high school students.

Garbage and recycling bins
Processing Plant Environmental Team

Wisconsin Wetland Stewards


When Charter Steel needed to expand coil storage into an existing wetland, the company chose to restore an alternate wetland on their property instead of buying wetland credits in another area. Since 2014, in cooperation with the Wisconsin DNR, Charter Steel Saukville has been actively eradicating invasive species and planting native species to improve wetland habitat.