Employee Events

Electronic Recycling

To celebrate Earth Day, Charter Steel hosts an electronic recycling event. It is run by environmental team members. All employees can legally recycle their electronic devices, no matter how big or small, free of charge.

Electronics recycling
Electronics recycling on pallets

Light Bulb Sale

LED light bulb learning displays
LED light bulb sale

Focus on Energy worked with Charter steel to bring a lighting company on site so employees could:

  • Learn about LED lighting
  • Purchase LED bulbs at a reduced cost

Charter Fair Booth

The Environmental and Energy departments had a booth at our employee fair to:

  • Increase employee awareness
  • Give tips for energy savings at home
  • Reinforce safe spill clean up
  • Build relationships
Environmental booth at Charter Fair
Energy booth at Charter Fair

Lunch and Learns

Topics presented by employees:

  • Vermicomposting
  • Energy savings at home
  • Wetland Tour
  • Bees
  • Onsite generation

Tree Giveaway

Each year, to promote habitat diversity at employee’s homes and awareness of environmental team projects, the Saukville Rolling Mill Environmental Team purchases and prepares a different variety of tree, shrub, or house plant to giveaway.

Annual Family Outdoor Events

  • Summer fishing
  • Ice fishing
  • Trap shooting
  • Local zoo