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2023 FIA Forge Fair Takeaways

June 23, 2023

Hosted by the Forging Industry Association (FIA), this year’s Forge Fair featured innovation, sustainability, industry leaders and new and familiar faces. Charter Steel talked amongst other professionals in the industry about the upcoming non-destructive testing facility launch, the electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking process, and more.

NDT Facility

Customers were excited to hear about Charter Steel’s non-destructive testing facility opening soon in Cleveland. In preparation for full launch of the NDT facility, we continue to verify that the bar being shipped exceeds your quality requirements and ensure the product performs exactly as expected. 

Get more information on our NDT facility and ongoing partnership by referencing our SBQ frequently asked questions section.

Investing in Sustainability

There was also interest in sustainability, including Charter Steel’s presentation at the conference titled EAF Steelmaking Technologies for Enhanced Forging Performance.  

We shared our expertise in EAF steelmaking and its many efficiencies. Using electrical currents to melt scrap steel and other recycled materials, EAF steelmaking is more energy efficient while allowing for more flexibility in the steelmaking process. It also produces a carbon footprint that is 75% less than a traditional blast furnace. Download our presentation here.  

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, find more information in Charter Steel’s inaugural sustainability report.  

Women in Forging

Created by FIA, the Women in Forging group strives to help women in the industry connect, network, build relationships, mentor young women and empower females to continue to grow in leadership roles. 

Amber Bonacci, regional account manager at Charter Steel, is a committee member for Women in Forging and attended a luncheon at Forge Fair with over 80 attendees, focused on professional development for women in the forging industry.

Discover opportunities through Women in Forging and their leadership training, peer networking and more.  

Dependable SBQ Product Delivery  

Charter Steel provides trusted partnership, quality and a reliable delivery schedule to help better manage inventory, orders, schedules and more. In addition, Charter Steel is proud to offer a four week roll cycle with no accumulation rules.  

We partner with established and trusted processors to coordinate other processing such as quench and temper, heat treat, turn and polish and other processing steps—providing one point of contact for all bar finishing needs. 

As we wrap up Forge Fair 2023, we encourage customers to stay tuned for future updates on Charter Steel’s SBQ journey and NDT facility launch milestones by signing up for email updates at SBQ.CharterSteel.com.