Current State

  • Incorporated sustainability into our policy statement in 2017
  • Engaged environmental and energy teams working on sustainability initiatives
  • Training for employees to create awareness and competency around sustainability
  • Achieved ISO50001 certification of our energy management system in Saukville in 2017

Current Objectives

  • Reduce water, electricity, and natural gas use
  • Obtain ISO50001 certification for all Charter Steel sites
  • Incorporate sustainability into more employee and family events

Employee Engagement

Our employees are why we succeed

Employees identified:
  • Over 225,000 MMBtu in potential energy saving initiatives during energy treasure hunts
  • Innovative ideas for recycling
  • Projects and action plans for sustainability improvements
Employee Engagement

Green Masters Program

Green Masters Program logo

The Green Masters Program is a recognition and assessment program for Wisconsin businesses. The objective is to provide a sustainability benchmark for ourselves and to compare our performance to other businesses in the manufacturing sector. Charter Steel has currently achieved Green Professional status. While achieving Green Master status is challenging among peers who are also continuously improving, Charter Steel is dedicated to sustainability.